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10 Myths About Space That You Probably Believe [Video]

Outer space is full of mysteries, from the Sun is a giant ball of fire to the existence of Zero Gravity. Here are 10 myths about space that you (probably) believe.

Outer space is full of mysteries, but thankfully the good folks at AllTime 10s are here to clear up some of the wider known misconceptions and myths about space, bringing you the truth about the final frontier!

Myths shown in the above video are:

  • 10. Myth: You can’t travel through an asteroid belt.
  • 9. Myth: Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, which makes it the hottest.
  • 8. Myth: The Sun is a big ball of fire.
  • 7. Myth: You’d freeze if left unprotected in the vacuum of space.
  • 6. Myth: There is a dark side of the Moon.
  • 5. Myth: Comets have tails because they are moving so quickly through space.
  • 4. Myth: The Earth is Round.
  • 3. Myth: Black Holes are funnel-shaped vacuums.
  • 2. Myth: Without a spacesuit in space, the human body would explode.
  • 1. Myth: Zero gravity exists.

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