5 Strange Theories On What Happens Inside A Black Hole

By | June 6, 2016
What would happen if you jumped into a black hole? Well, here are 5 strange theories on what happens inside a black hole:

Black holes are mysterious bodies that defy the laws of physics as we know it. We can barely grasp the concept of one. We don’t know for certain what exactly black holes exactly are of what they do. It’s impossible to know.

However, what we can do is observe black holes and then theorize on what they’re capable of. Henceforth comes the inevitable question: What would happen if someone jumped into a black hole? Well, here are 5 strange theories on what happens inside a black hole.

1. Time Travel:
What Happens Inside A Black Hole

What Happens Inside A Black Hole

The greatest physicists to ever grace this humble planet of ours, like Einstein and Hawking, have theorized that time traveling into the future is possible by abusing the ethereal laws of a black hole. As previously mentioned, the laws of physics are null inside a black hole, and a new set of laws are put into place. One thing that is excruciatingly different in a black hole compared to our world is time. Gravity warps time, and a black hole is essentially a massive gravitational body.

With that in mind, the idea is that the time distortion allows for the possibility of time travel. By abusing the tremendous disparity of time between inside and outside the event horizon, you could actually come back to a futuristic world where you’re still 25, but your best friend is now 60, due to gravitational time dilatation.

Of course, we have to take into consideration that, at the moment, we have no way of traveling to a black hole, let alone a way of entering one and coming out unscathed.

2. Become Part Of The Universe:
What Happens Inside A Black Hole

What Happens Inside A Black Hole

Hawking theorized that certain particles that enter a black hole are filtered out into positive and negative particles. These particles are slowly absorbed by the black hole. As the negative particles fall in they decrease its mass. Positive particles have just enough energy to remain outside of the black hole as radiation.

As the black hole slowly but surely starts to lose mass and gets hotter and hotter, it explodes its contents, referred to as Hawking radiation, back to the universe. This, in concept, means that you might become a part of the universe, like a phoenix rising from atomic ashes.

3. White Hole:
What Happens Inside A Black Hole

What Happens Inside A Black Hole

It’s well-known that a black hole absorbs everything that enters its event horizon, to the extent that even light cannot escape it. Less well-known is where those doomed particles end up. One theory is that whatever ends up inside of a black hole comes out at its other end, which is a white hole.

Of course, no one has ever seen a white hole before, so no one actually knows if it’s actually white or not. But the reason behind why it is named so is because a white hole represents the complete opposite of what a black hole is. Instead of absorbing everything that enters it, it spits out everything that is inside of it. And just like how you cannot escape a black hole, the opposite is true in a white hole, as you wouldn’t be able to enter one.

The white hole, in short, spits out whatever the black hole has swallowed into an alternate universe. This theory has made physicists consider white holes as the basis of the creation of our universe as we know it. If you manage to survive falling into a black hole and somehow travel out of its white hole, you are most likely never going to be able to access this universe ever again.

4. Travel To A Parallel Universe:
What Happens Inside A Black Hole

What Happens Inside A Black Hole

If you somehow manage to get yourself stuck in a black hole, whether by choice or not, just look around you; there might be a way out. Even though it would be impossible to return to the universe you once loved and cherished, you would still be safe (or at least safer) in a new, parallel universe.

Physicists have theorized that once you reach a black hole’s singularity, it could act as a bridge to an alternate reality, or a so-called “parallel universe.” What this new universe possess is really up to the imagination. Some theories even say that an infinite amount of alternate different yous lie in an equally infinite amount of alternate universes.

So, have you ever wondered what could have been—what could have happened if you went after that dream of yours instead of settling, what could have been if you were richer or poorer, or if you chased after that cute girl/guy? Well, you might actually find out (if you jump into a black hole).

5. Distortion Of Light, Space, And Time:
What Happens Inside A Black Hole

What Happens Inside A Black Hole

The first thing anyone would notice upon entering the event horizon of a black hole is how different light, space, and time are. Once you get inside, the laws of physics as we know it cease to exists, and new laws are put into place.

The infinite amount of gravity that is produced from the singularity at the center of the black hole is capable of warping space, altering time, and disfiguring light. Because of this, your perception of what is going on would be tremendously compared to how you viewed things before you transitioned through the event horizon. Of course, this will only last until you’re engulfed in the lonesome darkness and are no longer able to perceive anything.

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