Stellarvue Telescope SV70T – 70mm F/6 APO Triplet Refractor

By | July 30, 2016
Stellarvue Telescope SV70T 2 3/4-inch refractor is lightweight and gorgeous — with a bonus of high-quality images.

Stellarvue Telescope

 SV70T 70mm F/6 APO Triplet Refractor

Stellarvue’s SV70T 2 3/4-inch refractor is lightweight and gorgeous — with a bonus of high-quality images.

Do you like the idea of wide-field views through the eyepiece? Does shooting highly corrected large astro images with modest size sensors appeal to you? If yes, then meet a small, awesome imaging scope, the Stellarvue Telescope SV70T. This new offering from Stellarvue, may fit your needs. 

The Stellarvue Telescope SV70T

The SV70T is a 23/4-inch (70 millimeters) f/6 apochromatic triplet refractor made with an FPL-53 fluorite center element, and triple-tested by Vic Maris and the team at Stellarvue. It provides sharp views and excellent color in a small package.

  • 100x Light Gain
  • 70 mm clear aperture, 420 mm focal length (F-6), apochromatic triplet with Ohara FPL-53 center element.
  • Stellarvue C19 thickly padded airline carry-on case. Holds telescope, 2″ star diagonal, eyepieces and field flattener.
Quick Description 
This is the Stellarvue 70 mm f-6 apo triplet featuring our latest version of the Stellarvue 2.5″ dual speed, rack and pinion focuser (FSV-25A). This instrument uses the sharpest and highest contrast 70 mm lens we have ever offered. The focuser is set up to accept our optional dedicated .8X photographic field flattener/reducer converting the telescope into a 336 mm f-4.8 astrograph. This telescope also comes with heavy duty dual rings and an airline carry-on sized travel case. This is not a mass produced scope using inferior glass and sloppy mechanics. This is a truly premier 70 mm apochromat. The Stellarvue SV70T-25SV features a 70 mm f-6 (420 mm focal length) fully multi-coated, 3 element objective lens with an Ohara FPL-53 center element. 
Where from?
How Much? $799.00

Stellarvue Telescope

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