21 Astonishing Photos Revealing The Beauty of Night Sky

By | May 23, 2017

Two photographers have crisscrossed North America to capture the original beauty of night sky.

See the amazing photos which show the breathtaking beauty of night sky:

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The Beauty of Night Sky: Project Skyglow

Famous timelapse filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic traveled to a staggering 500 locations across North America. The duo traveled more than 150,000 miles in order to capture these images!

After taking more than 3,000,000 picture (wow!), the filmmakers produced a timelapse video series and hardcover photo book called “SKYGLOW”.

The stunning photograph album feature millions of stars, far-off galaxies and areas of extreme darkness. These dark areas offer an almost primeval contrast to glowing cities and shows the prominent beauty of night sky.

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Heffernan, 37, said the aim of the series, called Skyglow, was to show off the incredible vastness of the night sky, in the hope of inspiring people to care about dark skies. The series explores North America’s remaining glorious night skies and the showcases the grave threat of light pollution to our delicate environment.

About Skyglow

Project Skyglow is a combination of stories, images, timelapse videos and essays. It explores the history and significance of celestial observation on humans.

It also shows the proliferation of electrical outdoor lighting causing the rise of the phenomena known as Light Pollution, and the Dark-Sky Movement which is fighting back to reclaim the beauty of night sky that the Earth had enjoyed for the past billions of years.

All images courtesy of Skyglow Project

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