Future Space Missions by NASA, ESA, and JAXA [Infographic]

Future Space Missions
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From 2017 through till 2025, there are no shortage of exciting future space missions lead by NASA, ESA, JPL, and JAXA!

Future space missions will take us to the moon (not “us”, but a lander to collect a sample); the Sun; Jupiter and its moon, Europa; Mars and its moon, Phobos; and the asteroid Bennu.  Other missions will discover new exoplanets and learn more about other, while others will peer into deep space to uncover the secrets of dark matter and energy.

It is truly a golden age for astronomy.  Take a look at this infographic which summarizes future space missions (click on it to see a larger, more legible version).

Future Space Missions by NASA, ESA, JPL, and JAXA.

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