Why Gliese 1132B Is The Most Awesome Earth-like Planet?

Atmosphere on Gliese 1132B

Astronomers have found evidence for a hot and steamy atmosphere on Gliese 1132B, the Earth-like planet that circles a red dwarf star in the southern sky.

Earth Like Planet Found Orbiting Proxima Centauri

Earth Like Planet Found Orbiting Proxima Centauri

According to reports, Astrophysicists plan to announce the discovery of an Earth-like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri.

What Is The Future Of Earth In 10 Quintillion Years? [Video]

Future Of Earth in 10 Quintillion years

Scientists and researchers have made predictions of the events for the next 1,000, 1,000,000 and up to 10 Quintillion years into the future!

Tightly Packed Alien System’s Planets Align Every Month


The Kepler-80 system’s four outermost planets align every month i.e after every 27 days, a new study suggests.

Hubble Just Analyzed Atmospheres of Rocky Earth Like Planets

TRAPPIST-1b and TRAPPIST-1c The Earth Like Planets

The two potentially habitable earth like planets both seem to have dense, compact blankets of gas like those around Earth or Venus.

7 Amazing Planets Straight Out Of Fantasy That Actually Exist

Amazing Planets

There are nearly 2,000 amazing planets discovered and here are just a few strange yet interesting ones for you to marvel at.

Kepler Has Discovered An Amazing Water World Planet System

Water World

“A Water World of Endless Oceans” –NASA’s Kepler Mission Reveals Planets Unlike Anything in Our Solar System.

Did Venus Have A Better Chance of Life Than Earth?

Chance of Life

Latest study explore the possibility that if the Solar System began anew with only very slight changes in the initial conditions, perhaps Venus would have a better chance of life than Earth.

HD 131399 Ab: The Planet With Three Suns That Shouldn’t Even Exist

HD 131399 Ab The Planet with three Suns

The planet with three suns, named HD 131399 Ab (nicknamed Scorpion-1b), is four times as massive as Jupiter and orbits twice as far out as Pluto!

Moons Of Mars May Offer Clues To Its Violent Past

Moons of Mars

A new theory introduces the idea that two moons Of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, were created after an intense Martian collision.