Why Gliese 1132B Is The Most Awesome Earth-like Planet?

Atmosphere on Gliese 1132B

Astronomers have found evidence for a hot and steamy atmosphere on Gliese 1132B, the Earth-like planet that circles a red dwarf star in the southern sky.

HD 131399 Ab: The Planet With Three Suns That Shouldn’t Even Exist

HD 131399 Ab The Planet with three Suns

The planet with three suns, named HD 131399 Ab (nicknamed Scorpion-1b), is four times as massive as Jupiter and orbits twice as far out as Pluto!

Largest Planet Found Orbiting Two Suns: Is This Real-Life Tatooine?

Largest Planet found orbiting two Suns: Kepler-1647b is nearly identical to Jupiter in both size and mass. But it is much warmer: Kepler-1647b is in the habitable zone.

See Exoplanet CVSO 30c Orbit Its Star in Stunning Photos!

Exoplanet CVSO 30c orbit

This snapshot of an alien exoplanet might be a big first for astronomy, as Exoplanet CVSO 30c orbit its host star in amazing photo.

Hot Jupiter Exoplanet Locked In A Strange Death Spiral

Hot Jupiter Exoplanet PTFO8-8695 b

Gravity from the newborn star appears to be pulling away the outer layers of the Hot Jupiter Exoplanet PTFO8-8695 b.

First Alien Earth Still a Mystery to Scientists

First Alien Earth Still a Mystery to Scientists

Even as astronomers announced the discovery of 1,284 more exoplanets by NASA’s Kepler space telescope, the first alien Earth still a mystery to scientists.